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Our Approach

Let’s wheel.
#LifeIsTooShort is tattooed on Scorch’s right forearm, its truly how he lives his life.

We Believe in

We have lots of organizations that we belong to

Our Story

2015 saw the purchase of a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sport hence ECTO2 was born.

2016 was the year that Kevin (Scorch) and Leslie (Moxie) started dating.  Yet, that is not the beginning of their relationship.

Back in 1995 when Kevin was the marketing manager for A&A Midwest / EngineQuest he had the opportunity to but together an new product catalog and began working with a ad agency and meet Leslie who was the production graphic artist.  Over many years, Leslie worked on projects for Kevin on a professional level.  They kept in touch over they years with simple text message on each other’s birthdays. (how cute).

Leslie was never a FaceBook fan, and in May of 2016 posted a photo of her backpack as she went to Camp Nerd Fitness on her public page instead of the Nerd Fitness group page.  Kevin happened to LIKE the page and Leslie then figured out what she had done.  Instead of just deleting the photo, she reached out the Kevin and began a conversation.  Fast forward to October 22, 2016 they went on their 1st date.

July 2017 they added Scorch to their fleet, a 2011 F150.  

November 2017  Leslie purchase a home in Las Vegas Nevada

June 2018  Kevin sold his Crimson View Place home and moved in with Leslie and Spencer (Leslie’s son)

February 2020  Kevin said goodbye to EngineQuest for the 2nd time since 1995.

July 2020 Skateboard came home.. Skateboard is a 16′ trailer that is used to haul ECTO2 around.  Yep, ECTO2 is a trailer queen. 

March 2022  With Leslie busy with Moonlight Fiber Supply, Moonlight Productions and her many other business, Kevin started building Winch Control Panels for the12 Volt crowd.  Today to can see how the Winch Control Panel business has grown.  Targeting the off-road market at first, the need for the control panels has grown in marine, agricultural, trucking and SxS (side by side) markets.

May 2022  Remember reading about the backpack of 2016,  Well Leslie asked Kevin to join her at the 2022 Camp Nerd Fitness in Clayton Georgia for a week..  Not only did Kevin go, he became on of the 5 extroverts at camp (it’s a Camp Nerd Fitness joke).