Scorch Racing LV

Scorch Racing LV is the dream of Kevin Bailey (Scorch) and Leslie McPhail (Moxie). Started on the dirt roads and found the rocks of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Southern California.

Today, the focus is on off-road vehicle recovery, off-road safety and building and supplying the needs of specialized components.


Here are the items that Scorch Racing LV manufactures and the items we offer to the off-road community.

winch control panels

lighted and non-lighted options with custom colors.

power outlets

12 / 24 volt water resistant


led Digital display

trailer winch controls

Mountable panels to control winch on utility trailers 

Instruction Sheets

When you get stuck installing a Winch Control Panel, here are a few resources.
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we believe in

There are a few companies and products that we love on our sponsor page.  Here is a listing of those companies.
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recovery 101

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you, or another vehicle, were stuck? Have you ever used that winch on your jeep? Many people have never used their equipment, or don’t even know what equipment to buy.


Hands on training class designed just for you.

recovery kits

We have the expertise of what items work and help guide you in the right direction.  Buy Once, Cry Once.

help i'm stuck

Why we love to help recover vehicles stuck off-road, we cannot get to everyone.

Check out these sites for help:


the journey

It all started in December of 2015 with the purchase of a 2004 Jeep Wrangler.

trail maps

Places we have gone and our GPX tracks. Learn More.

Photos of the journey

Here you will find some of our favorite photos taken at events, wheeling trips, same some of our favorite places. 

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ECTO2 & Scorch in their natural habitat.