If you are a pick-up truck fan, then there are plenty of possibilities that 2019 will be a great year for this type of vehicle. Just take a look around yourself: you will surely notice that the number of trucks on the streets of your city is increasing. This is a sign that something is changing in millions of car drivers’ tastes.

Driving A Vehicle Gives You a Sense Of:..

When you drive a vehicle you are actually experiencing a full array of emotions:

  • The sense of freedom: for so many drivers, driving is most likely to be a matter of “feeling free” on the road, especially on off-road tracks.

  • The sense of power: the more powerful the vehicle that you are driving, the stronger the sensation that you too are “powerful“!

  • The sense of prestige: this is a typical emotion which is connected to your social status. It happens to drivers who are driving luxury cars or very expensive vehicles, like certain trucks, for instance.

New trucks – Best Features

Now, back to the fact that trucks are literally booming in the current automotive industry, it’s worth saying that today’s trucks offer a high-level driving experience, thanks to certain exclusive features, such as lucury interiors, long-travel suspensions and a great horsepower of up to 500!

As a result, the average cost for buying a truck is proportioned to such high-quality features, even though market experts tend to feel positive about the average pricing decrease in the next few years.

As for 2019, the choice is pretty large and generous not only as to truck models but also as to brands:Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison

  1. Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison: it’s provided with steel bumpers and 5 underbody skid plates. It’s also provided with different front and rear locking systems.

  2. Jeep Gladiator: it’s an automotive jewel to consider if you are going to buy a truck. Its best feature is to be equipped with a smart fuel-saving system, so you will save money on refuelling this truck.

  3. Ford Raptor: this is a completly new jump model by Ford, equipped with a special system which detects when the wheels are off-ground and activate the compression damping, so the vehicle is more stable on the road surface.

  4. GMC Sierra AT4: if compared to the previous truck model by the same automotive brand, this one looks more powerful. Another feature is that this truck is more capable of off-road tracks than the other trucks on the market.

  5. Ram Rebel TRX: with its 575 horsepower, this truck really stands out in the automotive industry! It’s a perfect truck version for those who love off-road tracks and who need a powerful vehicle to drive even on most challenging tracks.

  6. Hennessey Goliath 6X6: it looks like more an SUV than a truck. This vehicle represents a new version of what modern trucks are going to look like in the next years. A good point is its 750 hp.

  7. Land Rover Discovery SVX: Land Rover vehicles are not new to off-road solutions, but this one seems to exceed all expectations! Its 525 hp is completed with a suspension system which can give you a totally different driving experience at each off-road track!

  8. Mercedes Benz G550: although this model might resemble the previous ones, it turns out to be extremely strong and more refined at the same time – a feature which is a rarity in the automotive industry.

  9. Ram Power Wagon: this truck is equipped with 33-inch tires, that make the driving experience a completely new thing for everyone! It’s powerful enough to take you on the most challenging off-road tracks.

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