Vehicle lockouts are some of the most dreadful types of events in the life of any driver. That sinking feeling of despair you experience when dealing with a locked car is hard to put into words. You’re sitting in front of your car, staring at the keys that almost bid you defiance through the window, wrecking your brains trying to figure out how to snatch down from the ignition without having to break a window. Maybe you’re running late to a 4×4 race in the Vegas Valley, and you’re actually locked out of your beloved 4 wheeler.

Can you imagine now having a spare key you can rely on straight away to regain access to your vehicle? Running late to a competition you have been dying to be a part of can really do a number on you on a mental level. Unfortunately, accidental lockouts and lock problem, in general, are part of the regular life of any driver. And racing enthusiasts are no strangers to the matter.

What you can do is be proactive about it and take certain precaution measures instead of struggling to fix the problem once it comes up. These next few tips should help you avoid the hassle of having to find a quick way of getting back into your car when locked out in any remote location. car unlock

Tip #1: Have A Spare Key To Rely On

Most drivers could avoid a drastic window-breaking episode during a lockout if they would carry a spare car key on them. Ask any busy car lockout service in your town and they will tell you most people rarely have spare keys done for their cars. What they do, however, is leave their car keys behind before closing their automatic locks behind them. Locksmiths will tell you spare keys are your best bet against the nuisance of a lockout. A lot of used cars have vulnerable, worn-out locks and keys that eventually stop working the right way, leading to jammed locks and lockouts. A spare key that is accessible to you 24/7 should, however, never be kept inside our vehicle. It might sound like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people do this. The whole point of owning a spare key is rendered useless.

Talk to a professional automotive locksmith in town and ask them to make at least one spare key. Place it in a secret pocket in your laptop bags, suitcase, purse, or wallet. Basically, find a portable storage solution you know you will be carrying on you all the time.

Tip #2: Have Multiple Key Fobs/Spare Keys Done

Yes, we have already highlighted the importance of having a spare key done. But these keys can get easily lost or misplaced, especially since they are attached to your regular keychain.

Having several spares and key fobs you can use in your car, especially of other members of your household are driving your car, is even more reliable. Keep the copies in different, but convenient, easily reachable locations. Your office or workplace could is a good example of such a place. Your home is another good hiding place for one of your copies. You could also leave a copy with one of your reliable friends. In case you are locked out in a remote area, you can give them a call and ask them to grab your key and drive over to you and throw you a hand.

Tip #3: Double Check The Locks

If you think you are locked out of your car as your key fob is not responsive, you may want to make sure that you are, in fact, completely locked out. Yes, it sounds a little over the top – of course, you’re locked out, you know when a car is locked and it’s not! Well, you might just be in for a treat. While most car models will have all of their doors automatically locked upon pressing the lock button on the key fob, this is not true for all cars. If you are driving an older model, you may want to check and see if all the doors are sealed, and it’s not only the driver’s door that is locked.

If this doesn’t work, try the trunk. You may be lucky enough to get access to your car via with the help of your folding backseat through your trunk and from there to a spare you might have hidden in the glove compartment.

If this doesn’t work and you need to absolutely reach your destination on time, pick up the phone and call an emergency locksmith service. The best technicians have an estimated time of arrival of around 20 to 30 minutes, and they can pick pretty much any type of lock you may have on your beloved 4×4.