So you’ve been a big fan of four-wheeler mud races since as long as you can remember. You’ve finally bought an all-terrain vehicle, and you can join a few races whenever your busy schedule allows you to. Unfortunately, from time to time, you are confronted with one of the most dreaded types of incidents drivers go through: getting stuck in mud or sand. While it might not sound like a serious problem, it will most likely prevent you from continuing a race or a fun off-road ride. So taking care of it as soon as possible will become a priority. Luckily for you, there are many solutions that should help you get back on the road again in no time. Calling a towing service in the area is most people’s go-to option. Let us look at a few other effective strategies of pulling a vehicle out of a puddle of mud.

#1: Call A Friend

If you happen to be stranded in mud or stand somewhere near your home, or in an area where you have friends or relatives, give someone a call. Preferably, someone who drives and owns a car on their own. See if they can use their vehicle to pull out your four-wheeler with the help of a tow strap. You could also try to accomplish the same results with the help of a chain.

If you are in a no-signal area, or you have run out of battery, you could try to stop other drivers or passers-by and either ask to follow their phone, or see if they would volunteer to pull you out of the mud. All drivers know how frustrating it can be to get stuck in the middle of the road, so most of them should be willing to step in and lend you a helping hand.

#2: Call A Professional Towing Service

If you have remained stuck somewhere where there is not a lot of traffic, it is late at night, or you cannot contact any acquaintance to ask for help, you may want to call a licensed towing service. Take a look at this page here and find out what are the main types of emergencies towing services can handle. There are times when car engines become overly-heated, preventing the car from starting or stopping a car in the middle of the road.

Heavy snowfall, mud, or icy roads and other severe weather conditions are also reasons why drivers may need to get in touch with towing services. These operators can answer any emergency call at any hour of the day or night. They act fast and rely on modern day tools and equipment to safely tow and transport any kind of vehicle, four-wheelers included. It is also possible for a towing expert to use coolant for overheated engines, or spare tyres for drivers dealing with a flat. While waiting for a towing truck to arrive, it is imperative that you stand on the side of the road if you are stranded somewhere on a busy road and it’s dark. Keep a safe distance from the road and the rest of the vehicles.

#3: Provide As Many Details As Possible

Make sure you inform customer support on the exact type of car you are driving, so they can bring the necessary tools and adopt the quickest and most effective strategy possible. Inspect the four-wheeler and see if all wheels are buried in the mud or sand. How deep would you approximate your vehicle to be buried in the ground? Do you see the chassis lying on the ground? This would normally indicate that the towing professionals will need to use some extra elbow grease to pull your car out. If more than one wheel is stuck into slippery mud, or you notice the car teetering by the frame, traction in the wheels used for driving is most likely affected.

The more details you are able to give to the customer support service of a towing company, the better help they will provide. They will come prepared for the job and know exactly what to expect and how to handle it.

Don’t Make Matters Worse

Avoid throttling up the engine in a desperate attempt to pull the car out of a mud pit or sand. You may be lucky enough to set your car free provided just one of the non-driving wheels has remained stuck in a small amount of mud. However, do not try more than a few seconds, or you will risk making matters worse.

Make sure you focus more on keeping your vehicle in good driving condition instead. Repeated engine revival will cause damage to your axles, drivelines, and tyres, and eventually push your car even deeper into the sand.

At times, you could try to excavate the displaced mud from the area near the wheels using any tool you have on you. But if you have zero experience with it, you should rely on a professional towing service instead and prevent any unfortunate accident and further damage.